Synergy Team

The Synergy Team


Mary’s specialty is providing innovative Sports Massage. She loves her work and is passionate about helping athletes achieve their athletic goals. Mary loves the challenge of putting together the right massage plan for each athlete so he or she can stay one step ahead of the competition. Mary has worked with Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions football players for the past five years as well as pro baseball and basketball players, several Olympic soccer players and ice skaters and many triathletes, runners, cyclists, and more in the Cleveland area.

A sports massage therapist since 2009, Mary received her massage training at Cuyahoga Community College. She is also a full-body and long tract nerve entrapment and Master certified Active Release Techniques (ART®) provider. She is also trained in Active Isolated Stretching (AIS). Mary is licensed by the State of Ohio Medical Board and is a member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP).  She has also been appointed to the Massage Therapist Advisory Committee of the State of Ohio Medical Board.  She is also an Ironman triathlete so she knows what it feels like when the body is in intense training and how to help athletes stay on track and reach their goals injury free!


Laura has an extensive background in customer service, as well as, health and wellness. She is also a certified Cryosauna Operator.

Laura is here to assist you with choosing a service, scheduling appointments, operating the cryosauna, and anything else that you may need. Her goal is to make sure you have the best Synergy experience possible.


A recreational cyclist and group-exercise aficionado, Michelle started attending AntiGravity classes in 2012 and became certified as an instructor in early 2014. Her experience is proof that AntiGravity can be accessible - and downright addictive - for anyone, even people who were cringe-worthy in childhood dance recitals and shaky on the balance beam. Through her classes, she aims to blend fitness, deep stretching and relaxation, offering a little bit of something for students of all sorts.

When she's not hanging upside-down, Michelle is a business reporter for The Plain Dealer.


Stacie is a Licensed Massage Therapist licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio. She graduated from Harmony Path School of Massage Therapy in 2012. She believes that every client deserves to be pain free and works with each client to develop an customized massage plan to meet their needs. She is interested and excited to see the individual improvements and growths in each of her clients. Stacie is also certified in ART (Active Release Techniques), Pregnancy massage and Lomi Lomi massage along with AIS training


Samantha started flying high with Antigravity Yoga when she was searching for a workout that allowed her to recover from a shoulder injury, but also provided a challenge for the rest of her body.   She was surprised to discover Antigravity is more than a workout.  Overcoming fears, learning to trust herself, striving for excellence instead of perfection, increasing confidence and self-awareness extended into her personal life.

After a few years of having fun in the hammock as a student, Samantha decided it was time to begin sharing this wonderful technique with others.  Samantha, like so many of us, sits at a desk all day.  Her 9-5 and love of cycling has made her truly understand the importance of maintaining flexibility through the hips and spine for your overall well-being.  She believes the zero compression inversions and hip opener sequences are some of the most beneficial moves in Antigravity.


Rhian joined the Sports Massage Therapy team in February 2018. She is excited to bring her massage expertise to our clients.

Rhian is also a Certified AntiGravity Yoga Insructor and has been leading classes and specialty workshops at Synergy since 2012. She is additionally trained in the Restorative, Suspension Fitness, and AIRbarre AntiGravity techniques. Her classes focus on body alignment, ease of movement, personal growth, and fun!

Rhian is currently a performer with Antaeus Dance, Tremont’s resident modern dance company. She is a dance instructor for Read to Learn…Dance to Move, DANCECleveland’s preschool outreach program. Rhian holds a B.A. in Zoology with a Minor in Dance & Theatre from Ohio Wesleyan University.

Team members with bios coming soon.

Angie - Yoga Instructor
Hannah - Front Desk/Cryotherapy/AntiGravity Yoga/Rebounder Instructor
Judy - Yoga Instructor
Kalee - Front Desk/Cryotherapy
Katie - Front Desk/Cryotherapy
Kevin - Licensed Massage Therapist
Maddie - Front Desk/Cryotherapy